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Rules for relevance and risk issues

It is not always easy to speak on behalf of a company when nothing is happening and everything is running smoothly.

When a certain issue or problem suddenly appears in the headlines, however, it is important to have an overview of the media response and to step into the spotlight with the "right" position.

To do so, the smooth interplay of Issues Management and Media Monitoring should be planned well in advance.

Issues Management—knowing what you stand for ahead of time

You define issues that are important for your company and can attract increased media attention.

META Issues Management then gathers the full media response concerning these issues. This systematic media monitoring gives you a very precise overview of the relevant reports that are available at all times.

Issues Management also allows you to have prepared statements, assessments, and evaluations in place that represent your company's official position to all media inquiries.

META has developed its own unique system that keeps your media coverage, issues, internal processes, and documents in an online portal that you can access at any time.



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     Sales Director

     META Communication International
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     A-1010 Vienna

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