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Detailed preparation for a superior response

When the media first reports on an issue that is "risky" or "critical" for you, it is too late to think about your response. This process has to occur unhurriedly and calmly far in advance.

In order to prepare a proper response, it is necessary to identify the relevant issues, specify all of the important players, and install an effective management tool and an early warning system for risky issues.

META actively advises and supports you in this aspect of your comprehensive Issues Management system. On the one hand, we provide practical experience in handling risky communications situations and, on the other, we rely on theoretical knowledge and scientific methods.

Early-morning Issues Management at a glance

We handle your media analysis, research your issues environment, analyze and identify potential issues, and, in close cooperation with you, develop strategies that can be immediately implemented and drawn upon in the event of a crisis.

Every morning, META delivers a snapshot report with the most important results to enable a rapid response by your Corporate Communications.



     Mag. Markus Karner
     Head of Media Analysis

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: markus.karner(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-22


     DI Franziska Hackl, MA
     Project Manager

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: franziska.hackl(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-14

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