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A stronger presence for more success on the market

For some companies, organizations, and institutions, having a public presence is not particularly important. For others, a strong presence is one of the most vital prerequisites for economic or political success.

In these cases, it is of particular interest for the communications manager to use a media analysis to become familiar with the real "presence value" of his/her organization or company.

META provides a detailed and precise assessment and description of your media presence

META determines the presence value for organizations, products, and actors (for example, CEOs) in all media genres (print, online, audio-visual media, social web).

META also determines the monetary value of your public relations work (advertising value analysis), establishes target groups, and conducts coverage/reach analyses.

The presence analysis can answer the following questions in detail:

  • How does media presence develop over time and what events trigger presence peaks?
  • What media genres or individual media show particular interest in the company, product, or CEO?
  • How present is the company compared to its competitors (media share of voice)?
  • What is the advertising value and coverage/reach that the reporting generates on the subject or object being analyzed?
  • Which journalists are reporting on the company?
  • What are the issues with which the company is associated in the media?

The most important indicators are displayed in the form of a dashboard.



     Mag. Markus Karner
     Head of Media Analysis

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: markus.karner(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-22


     DI Franziska Hackl, MA
     Project Manager

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: franziska.hackl(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-14


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