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Sound advice for a sound reputation

A sound reputation, untarnished prestige, and unimpaired standing are immensely valuable social and economic capital. In modern societies, reputation is communicated primarily through the media.

Generally, however, the media plays a far more active role: that is, it not only communicates neutral information, but it establishes the reputation of your company, organization, or institution and it can improve it or put it at risk.

To ensure, confirm, and preserve or (re)gain a solid reputation, it is advisable to have a specific reputation analysis conducted as part of a media analysis.

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of how you are perceived by the public at large

How does the media represent your company, the CEO, and your products? What strengths does the media attribute to them? What are the factors, if any, that impair your image?

With a META reputation analysis, you receive the answers to these questions as well as a useful management tool to enhance your PR profile, particularly if your competitors are included in the analysis.

The reputation analysis provides a systematic analysis of

  • Tone over time as well as in comparison with the competition;
  • Issues that raise or tarnish the profile of both the company and the competition;
  • Trend per medium and journalist (positive, negative, neutral);
  • The media's image profile of the management, also compared to industry competitors;
  • Strengths and weaknesses attributed to the company in the media;
  • Opportunities and risks in an environment competing for media attention.



     Mag. Markus Karner
     Head of Media Analysis

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: markus.karner(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-22


     DI Franziska Hackl, MA
     Project Manager

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: franziska.hackl(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-14


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