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Media monitoring, press clipping, management summary, Web monitoring, radio/TV, social media, news agencies and crisis monitoring
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The ideal place for your subscribed tickers

Everything is located in one place, making your work easier and saving you a lot of time.

On the META Portal, you can display the agency reports that pertain to you in a common interface with the media monitoring services (print, TV, radio, web) you have ordered.

The agency reports are provided to META based on your agreements with META and imported into the META Portal by way of already available interfaces. If the agency is not yet in our portfolio, the relevant interface can naturally be set up.

Your cockpit for internal monitoring, PR evaluation, and research

The added integration of your agency ticker makes the META Portal a complete information and control center for your media monitoring and public relations activity.

You always have your complete media coverage in view and can see the reports on the subjects of interest to you in a single interface.

This solid information base then enables you to make edits, conduct further research, evaluate your PR strategies, and relay important reports to relevant individuals or distributors. Or you can delegate these tasks to the META team.



     Thomas Rybnicek, MA
     Sales Director

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: thomas.rybnicek(at)
     M: +43 664 8553034




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