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A complete overview of all the sources

META filters out any irrelevant information so that you only receive results that are relevant specifically for your media monitoring requirements.

Consequently, the press review you receive is first thing in the morning which reflects the response in the regional, national, and international media—from the daily newspapers, business publications, and publications from your industry or field, whether print, online, or audio-visual.

You receive your press review by e-mail or you can access your media evaluation via the META Portal. The information is structured in accordance with your specifications. Using the portal functions, you can compile special evaluations from your database of reports or make changes or additions to the press review yourself before it is ultimately published.

Behind every META Press Review, there are industry teams consisting of specialized editors who monitor all of the relevant sources for you and process the information based on your objectives.

Press Review 3.0: mobile access—anywhere and at any time

META has systematically adapted the press review for digital formats. META Press Reviews have been optimized so that they are universally accessible for all mobile devices—directly via your browser, without having to download an app.



     Dr. Peter David
     Editorial Services | Team Manager Industry & Mobility

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: peter.david(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-43



     Mag.a Monika Lexa
     Editorial Services | Team Manager Institutions & Politics

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: monika.lexa(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-44



     Mag. Stefan Genser
     Editorial Services | Team Manager Finance & Retail

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: stefan.genser(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-49


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