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Individual evaluation of audio-visual media

Within the scope of its comprehensive media monitoring, META also includes radio, TV, and Web TV in the press review and evaluates the broadcasts for you based on previously defined search words and subjects.

News broadcasts, consumer, business, and knowledge magazines, talk shows, reports, documentaries, discussion programs, and content focused on high society and celebrities are digitally recorded.

The major standard samples encompassing dozens of public and private broadcasters in Austria and Germany generate a large number of interesting results. To prefilter this vast amount of material in advance, META uses modern speech recognition software and then evaluates and edits the results.

The end products of this editing process are then available to you as short abstracts. In addition, and at your request, META also offers broadcasting tips with streaming, alerts, recordings, and transcripts (if legally permissible).

A special service: content as a short abstract

A special feature of META's short abstracts is that the content is summarized to enable a quick overview of all the reporting.


     Dr. Peter David
     Editorial Services | Team Manager Industry & Mobility

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: peter.david(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-43



     Mag.a Monika Lexa
     Editorial Services | Team Manager Institutions & Politics

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: monika.lexa(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-44



     Mag. Stefan Genser
     Editorial Services | Team Manager Finance & Retail

     META Communication International
     Reichsratsstraße 17
     A-1010 Vienna

     E: stefan.genser(at)
     T: +43 1 4098181-49


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