META is a full-service media monitoring agency and monitors media for a wide range of clients from international groups to SMEs and individuals. In addition to traditional print media monitoring and increasingly important online monitoring, META is paying particular attention to editorial products for communication experts and executives in order to provide a high level of reading efficiency and quality of information. We monitor all information and communication channels.
In addition to the traditional media review, our international monitoring team does not only provide summaries in various languages but also observes the media landscape on a global scale. Furthermore, our media response analysis and advertising value analysis provide a detailed insight into the reality of media coverage and provide the information gained in clear and user-friendly Portal solutions. META is committed to service and quality, skilled and direct contact persons for our clients and individual product solutions. META detects crises early on and can support you promptly in your response.

META has been one of the leading providers of these services for 30 years.

Judith Schinnerl

Judith Schinnerl
Management | Managing Director

Mirela Dayarova

Mirela Zeinzinger
Head of New Business

Andjela Kovacevic
New Business

Dana Mück
Customer Care Manager

Timo Sieghardt
Customer Care Manager

Peter David

Peter David
Editorial Department | Team Leader Industry & Mobility

Max Kirchner

Max Kirchner
Editorial Department | Team Leader Institutions & Politics

Stefan Genser

Stefan Genser
Editorial Department | Team Leader Finance & Retail

Harald List

Harald List
Media Analysis | Team Lead Monitoring & Media Data

Valentin Suetzl

Valentin Sützl
Media Analysis | Team Lead Media Analysis & Reporting

Doris Popovici

Doris Popovici
Media Analysis | Project Manager Institutions & Industry

Klemens Herzog
Media Analysis | Project Manager

Isabella Riedinger

Isabella Riediger
International Monitoring

Brigitte Hofmanninger

Brigitte Hofmanninger
Media Management

Dijana Todorovic
Accounting Manager

Aleksandra Switalski

Aleksandra Switalski

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