Definition: media monitoring & media analysis



What is media monitoring? 


META’s media monitoring service covers print, online and social media as well as TV and radio. More than 3,000 Austrian print media are covered, among others. Of course, META continuously extends the range of media monitored and thus guarantees a complete coverage of all media channels. For example, podcasts can be monitored as well since February 2019.  

Being a full-service provider, META offers custom-tailored solutions for news management and media analysis. Our clients receive all media coverage on their company, their competitors, and any topic area relevant to them, on a daily basis.  



What is Social Media monitoring? 


Social Media have been gaining more and more importance for companies and brands for several years. Facebook has become one of the most important channels of communication and a core source of information for many consumers. Twitter is used to spread media reports and a means of direct networking with journalists, politicians and experts. Users write blogs about their personal opinions or everyday experiences in detail, and turn to likeminded persons in forums.  

Professional media monitoring provides you with an up-to-date overview of public sentiment in Social Media in a fast and reliable way. You will receive answers to the following questions: 

  • How strong is the presence of my company and its representatives in Social Media?
  • What impact do media reports and influencers have on the image of my company?
  • How is the sector of my line of business perceived, what are my competitors doing?
  • Which platforms are used by my target groups and stakeholders?
  • Where can we identify potential issues or opportunities of communication?  


In order to keep you informed about the perception of your company by the digital community at all times, we offer you custom-tailored solutions according to your request for information and priorities: From automated alerts, weekly summaries to detailed qualitative presence and image analyses. The insights gained will support you in understanding clients, improving campaigns and avoiding crises.   



What does a media response analysis offer? 


When we are analyzing media coverage, we take a really close look. Our well-trained team analyzes the content of every relevant report. The data gained make your media presence measurable and provide insight into tendencies, relations, risks and opportunities

  • How strong is my brand visibility?
  • Who characterizes my media image most?
  • What topics is my organization identified with?
  • Which response do my press releases generate?
  • Where can potential causes of crisis or opportunities of communication be identified?
  • Which platforms are used by my target groups?
  • What  is the advertising value equivalent of the media coverage?
  • Where is my company positioned compared to my competitors?


All results of the analysis can be accessed on your META Portal at any time. Upon request, we also provide regular or one-time analysis reports. In that case, our experts compile a comprehensive presentation of the data collected, including charts with comments, notes on the content, as well as a summary of the most important findings. Our project leaders are also ready to present the results of the analysis to your team.



What are clippings?


Each article relevant to our clients is gathered and copied individually. Formerly, this part of the process was mainly carried out with scissors. Nowadays, we use state-of-the-art software solutions. On a digital basis, source information and additional data about the medium, reach or size are added to these clippings and then they are made available to our clients in a daily media review on the Portal and by e-mail.