It’s a META of love – our Valentine’s Day story.


“We love what we do and we love our clients!”


– It all started with this phrase…

As a newcomer to META Communication International, I wanted to set up the first campaign of my marketing department. To simply show our great clients how much we appreciate them. And wouldn’t Valentine’s Day be the perfect occasion? Well, everybody does that. Therefore, I needed a really good idea. Soon, we created some METAphors surrounding Valentine’s Day and our clients received an e-mail of love, in which we asked them whether they would like to receive a Valentine’s card from us.

While I made a bet with my boss on how many would answer, we were speechless and surprised by the wave of PR managers looking for a lovely message. Our clients were really looking out for our love, and I had won the bet after half an hour.

Nevertheless, the campaign was still missing that certain something. The solution turned up nearly as fast as the answers. Anyone can send a Valentine’s card they bought. No, if people apparently wish for an expression of love, we will send them a whole love letter. And, of course, such a letter has to be handwritten. An individual version for each client – just like our products are.

Let’s be honest – I was not aware what journey I had embarked on, while more and more answers eager for love arrived.

So I sat down and began writing the first letter, and the second, and the third. I think the last time I wrote as much by hand was during my secondary school leaving exam, and that was several years ago. Soon I realized that, as I had chosen to play cupid, my hand would have a lot of writing to do.




In spite of offers from my colleagues to help me, and even though my hand was hurting, I remained determined and wrote dozens of love messages. After two days and a lot of ink, the mission was accomplished. We added chocolate and closed the envelopes in time for Valentine’s Day. Together with my colleagues, we handed out as many as possible in person and sent the others by post. I soon forgot my hurting hand when it became clear that we had put a smile on many people’s faces and how much thankfulness was returned.

We love our clients, and now everyone knows thanks to Valentine’s Day, my days as cupid, and a brave writing hand.