It’s your advantage if you have an advance of information


We love our clients – that’s out of question. And we love discretion, which is why we usually avoid name dropping. However, we have made an exception for an article in specialist magazine Medianet and called three of our clients before the curtain. It showed that our clients apparently love us as well, which can be seen in our summary of the interviews:


PR experts always want to receive all information about themselves and their company and they want it up to date and before their clients and the public hear it. However, they only have time to read the most important news. Therefore, they want customized analyses which give them an instant overview about good and bad news. And that’s where professional media monitoring and analysis takes over and supports them.

“I expect monitoring to be comprehensive enough to cover everything possible, while on the other hand we need precise monitoring of those reports that are really relevant to us. It should neither be too much nor too little and in this regard, we receive very good service from META and have been cooperating perfectly for many years,” Johannes Angerer, head of the Corporate Communications Department of the Medical University of Vienna, said.

Such an amount of media coverage is created globally around the clock that it becomes nearly impossible to keep up to date all the time and select the really relevant articles and news from this flood of data.

Thus, Christian Hromatka, spokesman of Erste Group Bank AG, also relies on the services of META Communication International, “A single person could not cope with the vast amount that can be covered by a media monitoring provider. You need an algorithm and a team of experts. We find all that at META and that makes our day-to-day work a lot easier. Also because we know that when something comes up or we need something, someone is available nearly 24/7 and will take care of it and respond to our requests and wishes.”

From millions of hits, META filters exactly those messages important to the client and thus provides an overview on what impression a campaign has made, how the brand is perceived on the market or where the brand is ranking compared to competitors. META monitors media on global level and in several languages to help you observe your brand from a global perspective. The morning press review is an integral part of the beginning of the day for many clients, just like Christian Hromatka, “I read the press review even before I have breakfast. The editorial short summaries, in particular, provide me with an overview in less than 5 minutes. You get a lot of statistics and analyses, and can check out the online spread in real time. Have any discussions started? Right in the morning, you get a good impression for potential agenda setting for that day.”

Thanks to the experts of the analysis team, clients receive their custom-tailored media analysis with all issues relevant to them, and they can actively observe their brand, create reports and detect trends early on. This service makes work easier for experts like Johannes Angerer, “We interpret the media response analysis also as a kind of input-output analysis. The media response analysis is important to us because it makes our work measurable and supports us in adapting and adjusting our strategy and measures.”

Paul Pöttschacher, spokesman of REWE International AG, takes a similar view, “The media analysis is a very good indicator, as you sometimes neglect the retrospective in the fast-moving PR work. Thanks to the analysis, you can review good and bad developments at a distance and carefully. With the media analysis, you receive a good overview on presence and tonality as well as your position compared to other companies.”

Another good way for measuring is the advertising value analysis, which provides a precise overview of the value of the company. Thanks to our web radar and Social Media real-time feed, potential negative issues can be identified and contained in time. Our clients can take a look at all these data in our META Portal at any time and retrieve them for presentations. In the custom-tailored Portal, you can find all media reviews, interactive charts, detailed analyses as well as filter tools and personalized search settings.

PR expert Johannes Angerer would not like to go without all this information anymore, “I think that would not be possible and I cannot imagine that an organization the size of our company could dispense with professional media monitoring and response analysis nowadays. What I appreciate about our service provider META in particular is that they still have skilled editors and do not use search engines only. It is important to me to receive all information from one provider and to receive editorial summaries with a topic-based structure.”

Personally set up media analysis, precise media reviews do not only make PR work easier, they can also provide the decisive advance of information – a cheer for media monitoring and media response analysis!



Johannes Angerer
Head of the communications department Medizinischen Universität

Christian Hromatka
Press officer  Erste Group Bank AG

Paul Pöttschacher
Press officer REWE International AG