Media Analysis

META provides you with science-based insights into what media coverage about you is like, and supports you in the purposeful management of your corporate communication. Our analysis provides insights into tonality, topic discussion, presence and reputation. Thereby, communication success becomes measurable. Developments, issues and opportunities can be identified fast.
The processing of the data gathered is custom-tailored to your request for information, for example with interactive online dash boards, weekly brief analyses or regular comprehensive analysis reports. Furthermore, one-time analyses of individual topics or events are possible (e. g. press conference on balance sheet results, crisis communication).

Media response analysis

When we are analyzing media coverage, we take a really close look. Our well-trained team analyzes the content of every relevant report. The data gained make your media presence measurable and provide insight into tendencies, relation, risks and opportunities..

You can access all results of the media response analysis on your META Portal at any time. Upon request, we also provide regular or one-time analysis reports. In that case, our experts compile a comprehensive presentation of the data collected, including charts with comments, notes on the content as well as a summary of the most important findings. Our project leaders are also ready to present the results of the analysis to your team.

Social media analysis

Our professional social media monitoring service provides you with an up-to-date overview of public sentiment in a fast and reliable way.

Facebook has become one of the most important channels of communication and a core source of information for many consumers. Twitter is used to spread media reports and as a means of direct networking with journalists, politicians and experts. Instagram is considered an important source of inspiration in the areas of lifestyle, travelling or consumption by millions of people. Users write blogs about their personal opinions or everyday experience in detail, and turn to likeminded persons in forums. Reader forums of domestic daily newspapers give insight into the direct response to media reports.

 In order to keep you informed about the perception and discussion of your company in social media, we offer you custom-tailored solutions according to your request for information and priorities: From automated alerts, weekly summaries to detailed qualitative presence and image analyses..

Advertising value analysis

The advertising value analysis measures how much each media report would have cost had it been a paid advertisement. Thereby, you get a clear picture of the monetary worth of your PR. To this purpose, META keeps a constantly updated data base of the prices and reach of all domestic print and online media. The analysis is carried out manually by our skilled analysts.

Stakeholder analysis

You are planning a product launch or a certain topic area is important to your future strategy?
META provides you with an analysis of media presence and tonality in print, online and social media for any topic area or industry. The analysis will give you an overview of the presence of current stakeholders, narratives, prevalent frames, sentiment and reach. Data, key findings and recommendations for your communication strategy will support you in your PR work.

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