One year of podcast analysis



The sound of podcasts has become a valuable companion.  
Their analysis has been part of META’s valuable service for a year now.


About 20 years ago, podcasts entered the internet as a way of journalistic presentation. While many considered them to be just a temporary trend, they have developed to become a constant component of the media world.

They have also become a part of our Managing Director Judith Schinnerl’s everyday agenda, “They have become a part of my daily routine. During the hour I spend commuting every day, I read our products and listen to podcasts.” 

The step towards a global trend of the podcast came about with the major success of the eponymous Apple iPod at the beginning of the 2000s. The triumphal procession of the smart phone and the extension of mobile internet eventually led to the ever increasing popularity and elaboration of the genre. The strong growth was accompanied by increasing professionalism. Never before have the editorial and technical quality been that good, and the supply of free audio content that large.

Harald List is META’s project leader with regard to podcasts, who also produces his own podcast, “Podcasters usually create a high-quality environment, because they have more than 1,000 characters or two minutes time available to discuss a topic. Thus, it becomes an attractive setting for communicators and it pays off to listen closely. Within the framework of our survey, we have identified nearly 400 podcasts that publish new content regularly. The topics range from society, culture and lifestyle to economy and politics, as well as music, sports and cuisine.”

It comes as no surprise that META decided to include podcasts in its media monitoring portfolio at the beginning of 2019. Managing Director Judith Schinnerl after the first year of podcast monitoring, “I think it is a great medium, the importance of which is still being underestimated. I also think it will be one of the most important media for the next generations. It also reaches target groups that are currently not of interest to many media. Actually, I consider it to be the most underestimated among our products – so far! I believe that you can gather a lot of useful information by having podcasts monitored. User numbers are growing. There is hardly a line of business left that is not covered by various podcast items of high quality. And this fact has been increasingly recognized by both media and companies.”



Podcast recommendations

META podcast expert Harald List has selected 3 extraordinary podcast recommendations apart from the usual suspects for all podcast fans or those who would like to discover them:


The Other Bundesliga
3 British football journalists report about the Austrian national league and the national team with more love than natives could ever express. The best football podcast of the country is, indeed, English. 
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Bienengespräche – Bienenpodcast
Radio journalist and teacher Lothar Bodingbauer is a unique expert in using podcasts to convey in-depth knowledge. In this podcast about bees, the hobby beekeeper shares his great passion with us.
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This is THE podcast about German and its dialects. Next to her linguistic research, Lisa Krammer produces this podcast, where dialects are not only allowed but even expressly welcomed.
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