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media analysis

Each building needs a solid foundation. Applied to META, this means that media analysis is the building we erect on the solid foundation of media monitoring. With our specific analysis results, you are able to assess, adjust and improve your PR work.  

AVE analysis

There is no such thing as free advertising – or is there? Certainly, some media coverage is as good as an ad. We find mentions of your company or institution – for example reports about events or innovations – and calculate the advertising value equivalent (AVE) of a media report, thereby giving you an exact insight into the financial value of your PR work. 

Response analysis

Our media response analysis is the basis for active image improvement. Employing science-based tools, we analyse whether media coverage about your company reaches end users and how it influences the reputation of your company. Based on this analysis, you can adjust your communication measures perfectly.

Social media analysis

Nowadays, a shitstorm on social media can be worse than a burst water pipe. Use our social media analysis to avoid drowning in the world-wide web. If you know how to react adequately, you can turn a negative post into an image boost.

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