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media monitoring

Now that you know who we are, you probably want to know what we can do for you. Briefly, we monitor all kinds of media products. Each morning, our clients receive their tailor-made media reviews, be it a collection of clippings, a list of hyperlinks, or short editorial summaries per topic, together with the respective sources.


Print media – still a rock in the turbulent waters of the media world. We help you navigate through the press. You set the framework, we set the sails! Moreover, the destination port might be a long way from home, as we also monitor the international press.

we do
social media!


Radio broadcasts – important but easy to miss. Based on pre-defined keywords, we use voice recognition software to find topics that are relevant to you. We also use a similar approach to monitor TV broadcasts.


Online media – today’s benchmark. However, search engines are programmed to decide what we (are intended to) find. By cooperating with leading web technology providers and by using intelligent search algorithms, we outsmart the search engines and find all relevant information for you. 


Social media – love it or hate it. Either way, Facebook, Twitter & Co. are the basis of Communication 2.0. We identify the platforms that are most relevant to your company or institution; we monitor trending topics; and we provide you with a comprehensive, spot-on overview in real time.

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